In early 2021, COVID-19 ravaged Yaphet Graham’s industry. He was left jobless and had to move from North Carolina to his former home of Wisconsin. He was also forced to leave his five-year-old son with his mother, but despite the agonizing decision, Yaphet knew he would succeed. In Wisconsin, Yaphet was on the cusp of being hired by Amazon when he realized he couldn’t ignore his inner voice telling him to look into WRTP | BIG STEP.  He now calls this decision one of the best he’s made.

Although Yaphet had spent 20 years in foodservice, including management, he had no prior experience in construction. That didn’t stop him from quickly forging a new path to become a plumber with WRTP | BIG STEP, completing hand and power tool training, learning construction math, and attaining OSHA 30 and First Aid CPR AED certifications. He graduated from WRTP | BIG STEP in June 2021 and has since been accepted into Plumbers Union Local 75 in Milwaukee. He has also secured an apprenticeship position with Horner Plumbing as a Laborer, set to begin in fall 2022.

Yaphet gave a heartfelt round of applause to the WRTP | BIG STEP South Central staff and trainers for their invaluable guidance. Yaphet urges others not to be afraid to bet on themselves; his own experience has changed his life and—even more importantly to Yaphet—his son’s life.

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