As a young man, Terellus Bolton watched his father work hard to support him and his family. Terellus knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, but he got into trouble at an early age and had to pay for it. Returning home after his stint with the justice system, he jumped from job to job but never felt he was living up to his true potential or his father’s example.

Terellus reached out to another family member for help getting into the trades, but his past mistakes proved to be a barrier. Finally, Terellus ran into a good friend and SE WRTP | BIG STEP graduate Charnele Evans, who offered to introduce him to Amber Walczak, the SE WRTP | BIG STEP program coordinator. He enrolled in the training program in May 2021, graduated in June, and in September began working for Walbec Construction as a laborer apprentice making $25.75 an hour. He says, “The rest is history,” but we say it’s history in the making: he intends to complete his apprenticeship, become a journeyman, and one day become a heavy equipment operator.

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