At just seven years old, Saul and his family came to Wisconsin from Mexico looking for a better life. He remembers his parents selling wares on the street so they could afford milk. But Saul and his family forged ahead and within seven months they had all become citizens; he is very proud to call himself a U.S. citizen.

Saul attended and participated in programs at school, where he grew close to a teacher who put him in touch with WRTP | BIG STEP a few years after he graduated. WRTP |BIG STEP provided Saul with tutoring that helped him hone his math skills so he could test with Carpenters Local 314. Now, Saul is in the fourth year of his carpenter apprenticeship with JP Cullen and will journey out later this year. “JP Cullen is a great company. I learned more in the first few months of my apprenticeship than I had learned in my whole life,”Saul says of his experience. His goal is to “become a superintendent one day and show younger Latino guys they can succeed, too.”

Saul recommends WRTP | BIG STEP if you’re interested in a career in construction and “would like to thank all the people in my life for sticking with me and believing in me and pushing me to come to WRTP |BIG STEP!”

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