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2015 Report | Profit Wise News & Views

ProfitWise News and Views welcomes article proposals and comments from bankers, community organizations, and other readers. It is mailed (either electronically or via U.S. mail) at no charge to state member banks, financial holding companies, bank holding companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, academics, and community and economic development professionals. In this second edition of 2015, our contributors include Fed senior business economists Robin Newberger and Susan Longworth, Craig Everett of Pepperdine University, and Chinwe Onyeagoro of the small business advisory firm FundWell, who provide a summary of findings of a groundbreaking survey project exploring indicators of small business financial health, and business economist Emily Engel, who documented Seventh District worker training programs aimed at some of the most difficult to employ populations, including formerly incarcerated individuals.