The University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Awards WRTP | BIG STEP Melvin Lurie Labor-Management Cooperation Prize

This Melvin Lurie Labor-Management Cooperation Prize was created in 1998 to honor the memory of Melvin Lurie, a Professor of Economics at the University and founder of what is now MHRLR. The prize is intended to continue and enhance Professor Lurie’s legacy of promoting the practice and further the development of cooperation between labor and management. As such the prize recognizes individuals for “outstanding service in the cause of promoting, creating or researching labor-management cooperation.” The prize is open to individuals in the private or public sector, and to unionists, managers, neutrals, academics and public officials.

Nominations for the prize are sought from members of the Labor-Management Cooperation Committee at UWM as well as from relevant organizations such as the Labor and Employment Relations Association, the Milwaukee Labor Council, the Southeastern Wisconsin Labor-Management Council, and from previous prize winners and the community at large.

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Labor-Management Cooperation Prize

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