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On July 12, the US Department of Labor (DOL) announced its first cohort of Apprenticeship Ambassadors and Wisconsin workforce intermediary WRTP | BIG STEP is honored to be among them. The cohort includes community-based organizations, educators, employers, equity partners, industry associations, labor organizations, state organizations, program sponsors, and workforce partners. The 207 officials and organizations chosen to be a part of this initiative have committed to providing outreach, training, and resources across the country.

As an Apprenticeship Ambassador, WRTP | BIG STEP will work with the DOL to continue to increase awareness of Registered Apprenticeship, identify and improve practices and partnerships, provide better access and resources for underserved and underrepresented populations, and promote Registered Apprenticeship as a mainstream workforce strategy. This will, in turn, strengthen, modernize, and diversify Registered Apprenticeships throughout Wisconsin and beyond. For decades, WRTP | BIG STEP has been Wisconsin’s leading workforce intermediary, working to connect individuals and communities with education, training, and support to create strong and sustainable career pathways for all people.

WRTP | BIG STEP is both excited and honored to be a member of the first cohort. “Our goals are right in line with this initiative,” says Lindsay Blumer, President & CEO of WRTP | BIG STEP. “We believe that partnering with the DOL will help us expand our important work, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue improving our communities through important outreach and training efforts. This initiative will help improve the futures of countless workers and their families.”

The Apprenticeship Ambassador cohort has committed to over 3,000 outreach and recruitment activities, nearly 900 training sessions, over 450 new Registered Apprenticeship programs, and more for the first year. During its commemoration of the 85th anniversary of the National Apprenticeship Act in August, the DOL’s Office of Apprenticeship will also actively promote Registered Apprenticeship.

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