Milwaukee Public Schools: Meals & Enrichment Materials for Students

MPS has meals and enrichment materials for MPS students. Please, feel free to share information about this precious resource with participants who would benefit from these provisions. You can go to any location to pick-up these items, regardless of the school your child attends.

School Name School Address
ALBA 1712 S. 32nd St.
Barbee Montessori 4456 N. Teutonia Ave.
Bay View High School 2751 S. Lenox St.
Browning 5440 N. 64th St.
Douglas 3620 N. 18th St
Engleburg 5100 N. 91st St.
Gaenslen 1250 E. Burleigh St.
Hamilton H. S. 6215 W. Warnimont Ave.
MacDowell Montessori 6415 W. Mount Vernon Ave.
Marshall H.S. 4141 N. 64th St.
Morse 6700 N. 80th St.
North Division H. S. 1011 W. Center St.
Obama SCTE H. S. 5075 N. Sherman Blvd.
Pulaski H.S. 2500 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Reagan H. S. 4965 S. 20th St.
South Division H. S. 1515 W. Lapham Blvd.
Thoreau 7878 N. 60th St.
Vincent H. S. 7501 N. Granville Rd.
Washington H.S. 2525 N. Sherman Blvd.
Wisconsin Conservatory of Lifelong Learning (WCLL) 1017 N. 12th St.

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