Originally published by Vanessa Holwell

Translating your job and existing skills to new business opportunities is a smart way to change with the times. The pandemic is impacting business in big ways, but for savvy industry leaders, this means even more room for personal and professional growth.

Consider these 11 tips for pivoting your career for higher success in the post-pandemic climate.

Think Outside Your Niche

Regardless of your education or training, your skills can translate into various niches. Especially when it comes to leadership and collaborative abilities, exploring outside your current field could prove fruitful.

Add to Your Skills for More Opportunity

Your existing abilities can likely translate to a range of vocations. But expanding your skills widens the net when it comes to discovering novel opportunities.

  • Recognize your soft skills and work to develop them further.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by pursuing additional education, such as an accounting or business degree.
  • Set your sights on becoming an industry expert in your chosen niche.
  • Find work opportunities in the manufacturing and construction industries through WRTP.

Make Connections to Support Your Goals

No matter how well-equipped you are to tackle a new role, your connections are what matters most. Networking with and learning from others who have been in your shoes is an excellent way to move forward.

Embarking on a new career path can be trying in the best of times. But with these proactive tips, you can begin moving toward rewarding business opportunities even before the pandemic ends. In the post-pandemic climate, you can translate your skills to new niches, develop your abilities to tackle new challenges, and build connections that will benefit your career.

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